My latest novel The Seekers is now available! You can also purchase a copy of my first two novels, The Sex Therapist and Finding Bartholomew.

I enjoy writing about people. Interesting people. Crazy, damaged, unusual people. Like you and me. In particular, I enjoy exploring relationships, especially between men and women. Men and women who are complex, complicated, messy people with closets full of baggage which they drag around and toss at their partners at the most inopportune moments.

Of course complex people talk to each other and I love writing their dialog. Quirky, funny, alarming and sometimes disturbing dialog. Because that’s what crazy, damaged people say to each other. And of course they have sex together. The pinnacle of the male-female relationship. And for the kinds of people about which I enjoy writing, their sexual relationships can be most revealing. For this reason I never shy away from depicting in excruciating detail the sex lives of my characters. That’s part of what makes them interesting.

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